Have a stack of books to read? Having trouble finding motivation? ReadMore may be for you. It’s a reading log, a diary to show you your reading habits and motivate you with relevant feedback. It helps break large books into more manageable pieces and keeps track of your progress. Want to look back over what you read by the end of 2010? Plug in it here.

Add the books to your reading list. Run the timer while you read. Keep good records of your reading sessions, and the feedback will get more accurate. Watch your habits and reading progress. You might be pleasantly surprised!


  • High resolution graphics for the Retina Display
  • Choose styles and colors for books as they appear in the reading stack
  • Pre-fill new book records by looking up by author, title, or scanning ISBN barcode
  • Export your book archive or reading sessions to use in your favorite spreadsheet
  • Write notes for reading sessions
  • Backup and Restore


  • Requires iPhone or iPod touch OS 4.2 or greater

In the Future

  • Stats of books read over time
  • Universal version
  • Sync data with another device
  • And more planned!

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I forget to record a reading session?
Don't worry about it. As long as you didn't read half the book in one sitting, missing a few pages won't affect the calculations.
Does the timer keep running if I quit the app?
Yes. Even if your device does not support multitasking, the timer appears to continue ticking. It keeps track of when the app was quit and makes it appear as if the timer had been running the whole time. The app icon will have a "1" badge if the timer is running and a "11" if the timer is paused.
Can I use this to track reading on the Kindle? It doesn't use pages.

Yes! Kindle has the concept of "locations" that are always in the same place in the book, regardless of font size or page layout. You can find the current location of the passage you are reading at the bottom of the page. Yes, it will make you look like a reading god as you go through 900 "pages" in an hour. But hey, bigger numbers are more motivating, right? :)

Apparently, Amazon has just started putting page numbers in some Kindle books. If you have one of those books, just use it like you would expect!

Can I use this to track reading on iBooks?
Ah, iBooks! Unfortunately, iBooks has no constant numbering for the "pages" it shows you. Page numbers show at the bottom of the app, but they are recalculated if you rotate the device, change the font size, or continue reading on a device with different size screen. I'm working on a longer term solution to this problem. But for the time being, just make a note to yourself how you started reading the book. I say, "iPad Portrait". And then, when recording the session, make sure to hold the device the same way before noting the page numbers.
What does the "1" or "11" on the icon mean?
The icon badge helps you know if ReadMore thinks that you are in a reading session. The "1" means that the timer is active and ticking. The "11" means that the timer is paused.
Can I start using it even if I'm in the middle of a book?
Yes. Obviously, the statistics for how long it took to read the book will be incorrect, but for the real time reading stats and predictions, starting in the middle of a book is no problem.
Can I export my data?
Yes! While viewing the archive, you can tap the export button in the bottom toolbar. A spreadsheet will be generated and attached to a blank email that you can send to yourself. More exporting features are planned.
How do I skip pages or sections of a book?
When you start the timer to read, you can tap the "Start Page" number and change it to the page you're actually starting on. Then, when you finish this session, record the end page as usual.
What if I fall asleep while I'm reading?
Until Apple comes out with the iPillow that can tell ReadMore that you nodded off, you'll need to adjust the reading session yourself. Just stop the timer with the last page your read and then edit that reading session to set the end time to a rough guess for when you fell asleep.
How does backup and restore work?
In the "Options" tab, you can enter into backup/restore mode and create backups whenever you want. Backups are stored in the documents folder on your device and can be transfered in and out using iTunes file sharing. You can also email a backup file to yourself.
Can I transfer my reading history to another iOS device?
Yes, you can use the Backup/Restore feature to export a backup file from one device and copy it onto the second with iTunes file sharing. Then you can open the app on the second device and choose the restore the backup.
How do I publish my reading progress through Readmill?

First, you need to sign up over at Once you have an account, you can set up ReadMore to use it by going to the Options tab and choosing Setup Sharing. Sign in to Readmill within the app, and approve ReadMore for access to your account.

Now that you're set up, you can go into individual books in your reading stack and turn on sharing by editing the book and flipping the Readmill switch at the bottom of the editor. Every time you finish a reading session using the reading timer, your progress through the book will be automatically published in the background. If you don't have a reliable network connection, it will try again later.

Aside from the book title, author, and isbn, only the time spent in the reading session and the latest percent complete are sent. No other personally identifiable information is transferred.

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